STI Group research predicts display success

2020-11-12 –

How do you predict which secondary display will deliver the greatest sales uplift for a product? When faced with different options, brand manufacturers and retailers regularly ask this crucial question and finally, help is at hand. STI Group’s shopper research methodology, ROI LightTM, is designed to help brands achieve the highest possible return on investment at the point of sale.

In collaboration with Philipps-Universität Marburg, the point of sale experts from Hessen have developed a research-based test that has been real-world validated in 13 owner-operated EDEKA supermarkets, using Capri-Sun as the focus brand.

Accurate performance prediction for POS

While not the first online tool to assess POS appeal and intent to purchase, ROI Light™ stands out in that its research predictions have been validated against actual purchasing behavior in retail stores. In addition, its target shopper panels are carefully customised to ensure that test findings are relevant to each brand.

Real world retail validation

ROI LightTM was developed by Felix Horstmann, a Ph.D. student in the Department of Marketing and Retail Management at Philipps-Universität Marburg, in collaboration with STI Group. His methodology offers a simple way of testing a number of different POS display concepts before starting actual production. By predicting the comparative sales impact of each display, ROI Light™ can help brand owners decide the most effective POS for a campaign. 

Local and international insight

Developed jointly with STI Group, ROI Light™ is ideal for comparing the predicted effectiveness of two or three different display variants. The model is also suitable for evaluating international POS campaigns, as it allows shopper preferences to be compared across more than one country. ROI LightTM is also a great way to evaluate how a proposed new design is likely to perform compared to an existing secondary display, or against competitor displays.

360 degree POS service portfolio

As a Partner of Brands, STI Group not only designs and produces packaging and displays but continues to build its service portfolio to help brands become – and remain – fit for future retail.