2018-09-26 –

According to a Nielsen survey, two out of three Europeans take part in Retail Loyalty Campaigns to access product discounts and bonuses. Enthusiasm for collecting loyalty points is particularly high in Germany, where three-quarters of consumers participate in one or more schemes.

Retailers and brands mutually benefit from this consumer passion for collecting; more than half of those surveyed said they preferred shopping at retailers with a loyalty program. It’s not just financial prudence that makes these programs so appealing; consumers, particularly younger ones, also revealed that they enjoy having access to exclusive or personalised rewards and priority services.

Successful Customer loyalty

To keep a particular loyalty program top of mind, it’s important to have prominent reminders in store that will attract shoppers. Premium off-shelf displays and POS materials are crucial media for achieving this awareness.

A1 posters, Drop n Pop columns, collector albums and loyalty points offers can guide supermarket shoppers to presentation displays, which drive shopper engagement. The anchor point of a brand-based loyalty campaign is a pallet display containing the bonus products. These exclusive or premium products need to be displayed attractively, with enough space for a suitable amount of stock. Shoppers need to know that if they meet the criteria, they could take their chosen reward home with them – right now. Loyalty bonus displays normally include unwrapped product samples, so that shoppers can judge the quality of the reward for themselves. Common bonus products include toys, household products, and gardening or DIY articles.

When initiated jointly by retailer and brand, loyalty offers represent a genuine win-win-win. All parties benefit: retailers increase the attractiveness of their stores and gain customer loyalty; brands get to reach new target groups, expanding their awareness and distribution; consumers receive desirable, quality bonuses in return for their patronage.


Regardless of the mutual benefits, managing a loyalty program offer can be complex. This is where STI Group can make the difference by providing a single point of contact for designing and producing all printed materials, co-packing the displays, delivering them to warehouses or stores, and arranging merchandising agency support.

High-quality design and attractively showcased products are part of the overall STI Group DNA, with cost-efficient distribution and good compliance made achievable through easy-to-assemble POS kits delivered in compact outer packaging. The benefits of STI Group run right through to the end of the campaign, with future-thinking design making recycling quick and easy.  

Able to plan, develop, produce and quality control all types of printed products, STI Group provides a complementary range of print services. These include prepress, layout and design as well as the creation, management and processing of all print data, end-to-end project management, as well as national and international distribution.   

Loyalty campaigns are most effective when execution is omnichannel. STI Group’s digital partner provides custom-built promotional websites that align seamlessly with instore POS to reinforce loyalty programs before, during and after the physical shopping experience.