Mix & Match

2015-06-08 –

At the POS, attractively branded displays are expected to draw shopper attention to the product. With ‘Mix & Match’, STI Group has created a range that gives permanent displays the constantly changing design options normally associated with their temporary cousins.

At the heart of this innovative POS system is a metal display with folding shelves. Overlaying this with cardboard design elements creates a whole new look in a few quick steps.

The advantages are obvious. Permanent displays allow brand owners to secure a retail location for their products, driving higher repeat purchase. Costs are significantly reduced with each new promotional campaign, as only the decorative cardboard elements change. These elements are sent to stores flat-packed, reducing distribution costs as well as environmental impact. Mix & Match offers a winning combination of stability, visual standout, versatility and savings.

Display of the Future

There are no restrictions on Mix & Match display designs; STI Group’s creative team is already working on the next generation with adjustable height tiltable shelving.

For smaller outlets or retail chains that want even more flexibility, the new display generation is also fitted with castors.