From tangapac to gravity dispenser: attractive can solutions

2019-07-30 –

Whether cola, beer, prosecco or wellness drinks - the can is perfect for convenient, on-the-go consumption. It’s light, feels good in the hand, has a large 360-degree communication area and best of all, is easy to recycle.


Sustainable Multipack: tangapac

Sustainable Multipack: tangapac

Cans are not solitary creatures – where there’s one, there’s normally more. The tangapac, from STI Group’s portfolio, is a sustainable multipack that can combine any number of  cans quickly, using minimal material.

The ’tanga’ was its  design inspiration: a folded corrugated blank is strapped with a bio-plastic strip, making the cans completely visible, easy to transport and easy to carry.



Chiller Dispenser

This innovative corrugated dispenser drives impulse purchase direct from the chiller. It can be fixed to the inside of refrigerated shelves or doors using suction cups for high visibility at eye level.

The dispenser is top-filled, and cans are taken from the bottom slot – a cool drink whenever you need one.





Creative Touchpoint

Leaving cans in the drinks aisle does not maximise sales.
Cans complement a number of different product groups and trade channels, so creative displays designed to target shoppers at each touchpoint are the best way to drive impulse sales.

Whether it’s a well-placed dumpbin for single cans, a mega multipack placement for the European Football Championship or an Advent calendar feature at Christmas time – making an impact out-of-category is the way forward.