Wish it could be Christmas every day?

2020-11-25 –

With ‘Merry Christmas’ being joined by ‘Happy Diwali’ and ‘Eid Mubarak’, Ferrero UK has taken its successful approach to traditional seasonal marketing and applied it to new and emerging events. Its eye-catching POS displays for British retail stores, created by STI Group, don’t focus only on Christmas – the highest turnover occasion, but also on major Muslim and Hindu festivals. Addressing broader audiences with relevant occasions has proven to be a successful move.

Making someone else happy or simply treating yourself are important shopper motivations when it comes to year-round confectionery sales. However, it is the major seasonal celebrations that see large spikes in shopper willingness to put products into their baskets –  in all sectors. Strongly themed POS concepts that are carefully aligned to the brand, shopper and occasion generate the best disruption in store. They also help to forge a powerful emotional connection between enjoying the brand and celebrating the occasion. Ferrero UK has demonstrated that well-targeted event POS can be highly effective in driving sales uplifts; here we look at three recent POS examples across Nutella and Ferrero Rocher.

Nutella's Winter Wonderland

These Christmas tree displays create a festive atmosphere, reminding shoppers to stock up on this now-traditional Christmas staple as part of their preparations. Depending on the available space in store, the displays can be placed alone or in bigger groups to create a winter forest with 360-degree accessibility. Sparkling LEDs help draw the eye, contributing to a strong sales increase of 391% in stores taking the POS. Despite its tree shape with narrow base, the strong and stable display successfully carried 1kg glass jars throughout advent.

Adding WOW to the festival of Eid

Marking the feast at the end of Ramadan, this special Ferrero Rocher display encourages shoppers to celebrate Eid by gifting and enjoying its pralines with loved ones. Its themed metallic gold centre-piece with filigree moon and lanterns is an absolute eye-catcher even from a distance, and perfectly aligned with the premium brand. Helping to build an emotional link between Ferrero Rocher and this celebration, the 38% sales uplift was particularly impressive given the high temperatures in late May, which normally see a reduction in confectionery sales.

Lighting up Diwali

This premium placement for the Hindu Festival of Lights inspired retailers and shoppers alike. A Diwali-inspired lamp is positioned high above the stockholding displays for maximum impact. Its curved arms are studded with LEDs, with more lighting up the flame at the centre, while the whole assembly continuously rotates. This relevant and unmissable beacon generated a positive response among shoppers, positioning Ferrero Rocher as the perfect Diwali gift for friends and family. With sales rising by 96,4% over the three-week promotion, this activation was a resounding success.