Unseen means unsold

2021-04-08 –

POS solutions with motion drive sales

Disruptive displays enable brands to create experiences at the POS while also directing shopper interest towards particular products. Moving display elements guarantee maximum attention: consumer psychology confirms that 80% of all information is perceived through our eyes, and movement intensifies our visual perception.

Where the eyes find a foothold, conscious attention follows. Retail displays with movement have a positive effect on shopper engagement, prolonging the time spent focusing on the product and therefore increasing the chance it will end up in the shopping trolley.

High impact headers
Based on this insight, STI Group has developed a special 3D effect poster that makes shoppers look twice. A special construction creates the illusion of movement as shoppers pass by, encouraging shoppers to stop and take a closer look at the product.

Sustainable and affordable
The illusory motion is made solely from cardboard and achieved through clever structural design. Being 100% plastic-free, it makes a sustainable alternative to lenticular film or battery-operated elements, and offers a wide range of design options at an appealing price.