POPAI Paris Award 2021

2020-10-28 –

Love Beauty and Planet products have one mission: to do something good for the planet! Every shower gel, shampoo, deodorant or conditioner is vegan, with packaging made from 100% recycled plastic. Unilever's holistic approach extends beyond careful selection of ingredients and packaging materials to social partnerships.

To launch the personal care range in an authentic way in French stores, Unilever wanted a display fully aligned with the sustainability of its products. The wooden showcase designed by STI Group appeals to trendy and conscious female shoppers who buy with conviction and place a high value on sustainability. Made from 100% FSC® and recycled materials, the display communicates the product message in a lasting and natural way. The pastel design on wood is printed with certified ecological colours to further emphasise its naturalness.

Good for planet, good for patience

At just 14 kilograms the displays are light and packed in a compact format, saving both CO₂ and money when it comes to transport. The concept also scores points for its simple handling and on-site assembly. Equipped with practical castors, the display can be positioned in just the right place with minimal effort and moved around as required. The handy flatpack fits into any car boot and can be set up quickly by field or store staff without any tools. Once the POS campaign is over, the display can be dismantled just as quickly, and the individual components disposed of easily via the usual recycling route.