Getting personal: Packaging that shows you care

2021-02-16 –

When it comes to gifts, the personal touch means a lot. It shows thoughtfulness and greater appreciation. But don’t just think about tailoring the product: the packaging can also offer many opportunities for personalisation.

The latest highlight is a unique QR code that enables the shopper to transform a standard-looking gift pack by adding a personal video message, in less than 60 seconds. Just scan the QR code to link it to your recorded video message; when the recipient scans it with their smartphone, they will see and hear your personal greeting.

Giving a gift this way doesn’t need a recording studio, or YouTube and TikTok experience; all you need is a smartphone and as much or as little creativity as you like.

Offering video messaging on your packaging is simple to achieve: STI Group can produce your customisable packaging, displays and printed materials and even coordinate the video integration, as an exclusive partner of Vidgreets.

Each QR code provides a unique link to an online platform and can be used in a variety of ways, for:

  • Personal texts, pictures and video messages
  • Promotions and raffles
  • Customer retention and shopper data generation
  • Real added value in omnichannel commerce
  • Truly memorable gifts