Customer magazine: The display edition

2021-09-24 –

This edition of POS Magazine is dedicated to sustainability across all POS material – not just packaging, but also instore display. Sustainable materials, resource-saving solutions, CO2 compensation and much more. What is your approach; could it be more effective?

How to engage shoppers: Focus on the brand
Consumers become loyal repeat customers when they trust a particular brand. Tapping into this trust by creating strong brand awareness is essential for an effective display.

How to sell more: Impact creates sales uplift
Displays trigger impulse purchase. 70% of purchases are decided in store, so the visual impact of displays plays a significant role in determining which products end up in shopping trolleys.

How to drive sustainability: Brand purpose at the POS
It is not enough for a brand to be quietly purposeful. How well a display can communicate this to the target audience is equally important.

How to improve efficiency: The benefits of modular displays
These highly flexible displays are designed with the circular economy, optimised production and minimum wastage in mind. They can adopt a fresh look for a new campaign quickly and easily.

STI Group questions the NOW and works on the NEXT to design new, more sustainable POS solutions. Promoting plastic-free, resource-saving displays that are designed for recycling, they support a true circular economy.