Displays to change the world

2019-10-09 –

New social brand share has made a brilliant debut in German retailers dm and REWE, thanks to a range of distinctive POS. The displays were manufactured and filled by STI Group, which has been happy to share its POS expertise with the Berlin-based start-up.

‘share doesn't just do product communication,’ says Tobias Reiner, Chief Sales Officer and co-founder of share, explaining the brand's great challenge in retailing. ‘At share, the focus is on the message. We have to pick customers up from the social message and the product, and all in a fraction of a second. The new Riegel Tower display is a perfect example of successful POS presentation: foody, but with a message.’

Retailer feedback was instrumental in the brief for the Riegel Tower display: it needed a small footprint, clear communication areas and an appealing design that encourages the share shopper to reach out. STI Group offers a full service, not only producing these practical all-round displays but also filling them with the share bars and delivering them directly to store.

Made of durable plywood, the display effectively acts as an extension of the shelf fixture. Any combination of share products can be presented on this unit, whose natural looks perfectly reinforce the brand image.


Recyclable bread boxes for Republic of Congo school children

Launched in early September, the bread box display emphasises its social message clearly – on the header, the side cladding and the base. This brings to life the bread box system: for each purchase, five meals are donated to a Republic of Congo schoolchild in the form of five organic snacks, following share’s 1+1 principle. The vivid containers create bright spots of colour in the otherwise neutral display.

‘This communication space is paramount in any display,’ explains Tobias Reiner, who selected a standard modular display from the STI Group portfolio. ‘Flexibility is also important. The side cladding and headers make it easy to communicate our message, while the body remains neutral. And because it is an off-the-shelf design, smaller quantities are easy to implement - which is really useful for start-ups like us.’


The share principle

Starting out with just three products, water, organic nut bars and soap, the share family of products now comprises some 30 items – from chocolate bars to bamboo toothbrushes and flavoured waters – and is still growing. The company's vision is to be able to offer a social alternative to all groceries.
Everything is based on the 1+1 principle: for every share product purchased, an equivalent product is donated to a person in need. Each organic nut bar generates a portion of food; each personal care product results in a piece of soap being distributed; each bottle of water provides one day of safe drinking water. To find out where the support is being received, customers can follow up via the tracking code on the packaging.

It’s beautifully simple - and wholly dependent on educating consumers through clear messaging to achieve its full potential.