Perfect presentation in just a few seconds

2017-08-07 –

Shelf displays are under constant pressure to deliver fast yet creative in-store product merchandising. STI Group’s super-quick Shelf-click display has therefore become extremely popular in the Netherlands and Eastern Europe. In Germany, the first round of brand manufacturers has now also started using the efficient design.

Shelf-click is a universal display in which the back, side panels and shelves are glued to each other. Intelligent design enables the display to be shipped flat-packed and set up in just a few seconds: fold in the side panels, pull down the shelves and hook them into the sides - done!  Special clips help lock the shelves into place quickly and securely.

Same yet different

‘Shelf-click displays are extremely flexible and can be used for almost any product,’ explains Christian Wagner, manager of STI Group’s Czech plant, where the displays are produced.

Available in various sizes, the display body can have straight or angled sides. Up to six shelves – each with a load-bearing capacity of 25 kg – can be added with shelf edges oriented upwards or downwards, depending on the product. Upwards creates a lip to stop products falling off; downwards eliminates the lip to prevent smaller products being obscured.

Maximum customisation, minimum cost

Not just flexible in design, Shelf-click displays are also versatile in use. ‘Many brand owners use standard displays throughout the year, leveraging synergies by producing larger quantities with lower costs. Standard displays can be customised with cladding and headers to suit each occasion, enabling marketers to run lower cost promotions with shorter lead times,’ adds Wagner.

Impressive concept

Judges for the Czech Obal Roku Awards were so impressed with the idea behind the display, they selected the Reckitt Benckiser Shelf-click display as a finalist out of 99 entries. We’ll find out whether the display has won a bronze, silver or gold award when the winners are announced in Prague on October 5th.