Multifill: Flexible packaging for online retail

2015-11-26 –

’How do I find the right packaging to safely ship my products?’ is a favourite question of online retailers. The answer is a trade-off: products must reach customers undamaged, but ideally without using excessive amounts of padding material. Typically, E-tailers use a range of standard-size boxes which need padding with various materials, depending on the product.

Convinced that packaging is a crucial marketing medium for e-commerce, the STI Group creative team has turned its focus towards developing corrugated shipping solutions. One such solution is Multifill: a flexible-sized box inside which products are held in place by a corrugated blank. The blank has a flexible but tear-resistant stretch film made by Sealed Air, which adapts to fit the shape of any product. Punchouts in the box sidewalls mean that the blank can be positioned at different heights, depending on the product size.

Multifill allows online retailers to use one packaging size for packing many different products or groups of product. Eliminating unnecessary padding also transforms unpacking into a more positive experience, which further enhances customer perception of the product purchased.  

Return shipment: Easier on the environment and the pocket 

This new style shipping box also solves another problem. Until now, customers had to add more padding material if they only wanted to return part of their order – or, worst case, the product could get damaged on its return journey. In either scenario the original shipping carton is too large for the return shipment. To overcome this problem, this latest generation packaging is height-adjustable. To reduce the volume for return shipment, you can reduce the packaging dimensions by turning down the sides. Not only is this more environmentally friendly, it also saves money in the long run.