Easy Coat: Merchandising unit reduces material usage by 40%

2017-06-22 –

For many brand manufacturers, sustainability is an important factor in product design and in the choice of POS materials.

Sustainability is also a key consideration for our designers at STI Group. For every new item of packaging or display they create, they seek a solution that will meet market needs yet use the least amount of material possible. For the Easy Coat display their goal was to eliminate the display components that shoppers cannot see, yet still deliver a stable structure.

Inside print for free

For this innovative display the base and the cladding are cut from just one sheet of corrugated board. Its cleverly folded design means the inside of the display also ends up printed, without incurring cost for an additional print sheet, while the corrugated board components from the back of the display provide stability to the base. This resulted in 40% less material being used, a significant saving for a display of this type.

Wrigley committed to POS sustainability

 Our approach to design fits perfectly with Wrigley’s corporate philosophy on sustainability. The company sells ten chewing gum brands in Germany; as an impulse product, it’s particularly important to have a high impact POS presence. Wrigley’s trade marketing team specifically wanted a POS campaign with a premium appearance yet also a reduced carbon footprint. The Easy Coat design, with its optimised use of material, impressed Wrigley by delivering against all their objectives.

Easy Coat efficiently showcases impulse-driven brands EXTRA, Airwaves, Wrigley’s Spearmint and Orbit, as well as the trendy 5GUM, in the Cash & Carry segment. Contrasting graphics reflect the key elements of each brand and provide clear differentiation. Inside print, created through folding technology, boosts shopper perception of the brand and keeps the display looking attractive as products sell through.

‘Using a standard optimised design for different Wrigley brands is not just environmentally friendly, it’s also budget friendly,’ says Markus Weißgerber, Director of POS Design and Innovation at STI Group. ‘We are delighted that our display range has not only made significant savings, it has also strengthened Wrigley’s positioning in Cash & Carry stores where it can really boost gum sales.’