Christmas: easy come, easy go

2019-04-16 –

If a Christmas tree had no needles to drop, what would make you ever dispose of it? Especially when it adds a certain cosiness throughout the winter. Well, even if it did snow again in some parts of Germany last weekend, it’s long past twelfth night. Now is definitely the time to banish the tree and make room for Easter.

With the cardboard Christmas tree to go, this is a doddle. Simply fold it up and store it in a handy format until next time.

When the festivities are (finally) over, it’s worth its weight in gold. Folding into a convenient flatpack, it’s perfect for hiding at the back of your wardrobe until autumn comes around. If you like updating your tree decorations each year, just stick new baubles over the old ones.

What makes our ’Christmas tree to go’ so special?

The clever Drop ‘N’ Pop system inside the tree makes setup so quick. Just hold up the top of the column, let the lower part fall open, and watch as it pops up all by itself: Drop ‘n’ Pop! The die-cut tree sides just slot into place, and a clip-on Santa hat completes the festive look.

Brands and retailers swear by the Drop ‘n’ Pop’s clever mechanics and easy handling, which help to encourage perfect compliance in store. While the Drop ’n’ Pop offers great benefits all year round, this tree to go version brings an instant dose of extra sparkle at Christmas time.