Creatively sustainable

2019-09-10 –

The latest addition to the STI Group modular display family is made entirely from cardboard, making it particularly sustainable.

Our 'Dressable Shelf’ display system uses a pre-slotted (and normally unprinted) body, into which sturdy cardboard eco-battens are placed to support the shelves. Branding and communication remain a priority: custom 'dressing kits' - base panels, side panels and headers - deliver maximum creative impact. 

A highlight of this solution is the way the side panels attach: sliding easily into the guide rails in the display's sidewalls, the panels are securely fixed without needing plastic rivets or adhesive strips. Simple! Brands, retailers and even start-ups can transform this stock FSDU into a creative, distinctive POS placement in a few easy steps.

The finished display works with any type of quarter pallet, thanks to adaptor plates made from… you guessed it… cardboard.