Augmented Reality: The new dimension in the presentation of packaging and displays

2015-07-16 –

With Augmented Reality Marketeers present a new packaging or display idea quickly and easily to its own sales department or business partners at a lower expense. It allows a realistic three dimensional presentation without producing unprinted samples or even digitally printed samples.

The only requirements for the new dimension in the POS design are a Tablet or a smartphone and a marker that is created in line with the design.

After a free AR app is installed, the presentation is a straightforward process. When the relevant marker is scanned, the display or the packaging is presented on the Tablet in 3D form. The objects can be freely rotated and placed anywhere in the store. For instance, managers can decide on the spot what effect the display will produce in the real environment, and which placement for instance, at the gondola front end, in the open space or the checkout area would work best.

Every printed element can become a marker for an Augmented Reality application. When an image in a brochure is scanned, the new packaging appears in 3D on the Tablet. If the packaging itself is scanned, the associated display becomes visible and can be placed anywhere in the area.