2020-12-03 –

Great brand presentation in store requires eye-catching design that visually appeals to the target audience while clearly communicating key messages. But what does the target group like; what encourages them to buy? Clear design principles coupled with clever software support helps STI Group designers to optimize these packaging and POS elements right from the start, during the planning and design phase.

Graphic design is there to direct the shopper’s first glance to the core message or logo, and then to draw their attention to various elements in order. Experience with more than 400,000 test subjects shows that font size, shapes, intense colour, contrast and faces can be powerful attention magnets to heighten packaging standout on shelf or increase display impact in store.


PRE-TEST your Artwork impact

Tracking eye movement allows quick and cost-effective validation as to which graphic elements of packaging or displays are noticed by shoppers, and in which order. Using algorithms generated from numerous eye tracking research studies, STI Group applies optimizing software to its new design concepts to ensure maximum impact.

A heatmap shows the major attention zones and the sequence in which shoppers look at them. Heatmaps enable different design and placement options – on shelf, or on the shop floor – to be compared early in the design phase, without the time and expense of store tests.

Marketing managers can make more confident decisions based on how shapes, colours and particular design features affect visual attractiveness. For example, printing a design on the base will increase a display’s attractiveness rating.