A tree is for life, not just for Christmas!

2018-12-12 –

What makes our Christmas tree so special? It’s instant, for one: far faster to set up than a Nordic spruce or one of its spiky artificial cousins. It also has great impact: refreshingly different, slim enough to fit in smaller spaces, and still looks as good on the 5th of January as it does on the 5th of December.

When the festivities are over it’s worth its weight in gold, folding quickly down into a convenient flatpack, ready to spend spring, summer and autumn at the back of a wardrobe. Oh, you like to update your tree decorations for each new season? Just stick new baubles over the old ones.

Never again will you have to do without a tree if you spend the Christmas holidays on vacation, or touring around visiting family members. Simply fold up your tree, tuck it under one arm and take it with you!

The clever Drop ‘N’ Pop system inside the tree is what makes the setup so easy. Hold up the top of the column, let the lower part fall open, and it pops up all by itself: Drop ‘N’ Pop! The die-cut sides of the tree just tab into place, while a clip-on Santa hat completes the festive look.

Brand owners and retailers swear by the Drop ‘N’ Pop’s clever mechanics and simple handling, which help to encourage close to 100% compliance in store. While the benefits are great at any time of year, this tree truly brings a little extra sparkle at Christmas time.