Shelf display purely from corrugated cardboard

2020-05-26 –

Traditionally, plastic clips enabled shelves to be assembled quickly and locked into place securely. The latest generation Shelf Click displays for sustainable POS are made from pure corrugated cardboard for optimum recyclability, with low CO2 emissions.


with plastic clips


with corrugated cardboard tabs

The sustainable shelf display is made purely from corrugated cardboard and is delivered as a complete unit: just unfold and slot the shelves into the sidewalls. No tools, no individual parts to lose. It safely carries heavy as well as light products – from sweets or stationery to shampoo, drinks or detergent.


The new more environmentally friendly Shelf Click variant retains all the advantages of the original, with the added benefits of 100% recyclability and lower CO2 emissions.

Shipped flat for assembly and filling in store, the field sales favourite has less shipping volume.