Monomaterial packaging with paperbased eco handle

2022-10-04 –

Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference, as was the case for detergent manufacturer fit when trying to improve the recyclability of its Sunil packaging. While the box was already made from corrugated cardboard with a high percentage of recycled content, the glued-in carrying handle was plastic.

As the packs are machine-assembled in large volumes at high speeds, the carton’s outer dimensions could not be changed. Cartons must also lie perfectly flat for maximum process efficiency.


Plastic handle


Paperbased eco handle

Both requirements are met by gluing a concealed cardboard handle into place during packaging production. With the handle being a concealed loop, the pack can still be assembled in the usual way on fit’s high performance filling line. Only when the shopper lifts the pack off the shelf does the handle pull up, enabling a 5.5kg package to be placed in shopping trolleys and carried home with ease.

Design for recycling

The cardboard handle enables a new generation of plastic-free, monomaterial paper packaging that is fully recyclable. This switch is clearly communicated on the packaging.