Less material and CO2 with d-flute

2022-10-10 –

Zwiesel uses D-flute corrugated cardboard packaging for its exclusive crystal glasses. Excellent product protection, a premium appearance and improved resource-saving are priorities for the company. D-flute packaging is the perfect solution, using less material and delivering a significant reduction in CO2.

Compared to the previous B-flute packaging, when 500 packaging blanks could fit on one pallet, the D-flute version allows 600 blanks per pallet. This 20% improvement reduces storage and logistics costs, as well as lowering transport CO2 emissions. D-flute speeds up production by making machine assembly easier thanks to its lower flute profile, which also offers a finer print finish with less flute shadow.

Leaner logistics, faster assembly

The new flute with a height of about 2 mm fills the big gap between the B and E-flute. Significantly thinner paper can now be processed in order to achieve stability values similar to those obtained with previously used materials. This will help to conserve resources and protect the environment.