Folding carton made from grass paper

2022-10-11 –

Online retail is a key sales channel for condoms producer Ritex. It is vital that products are not only protected during shipping but also feature early in any web search and have instant shopper appeal.

The first moment of truth applies online as much as it does in physical retail, except that shoppers must decide whether to buy based only on what they can see on screen. When brand and packaging work together effectively to get noticed, the chance of a sale increases and the page ranking improves. For online retail, special packaging made from grass fibre-based cardboard perfectly complements the product to appeal to eco-conscious shoppers. The 42 PRO NATURE condoms made from natural rubber are presented in an unconventional way that offers an exciting unwrapping experience and inspires consumers to create their own love stories.

Sustainable packaging matters for e-commerce too

Having been awarded the Amazon ‘climate pledge friendly’ certificate for its high recycled material content, recyclability and use of FSC®-certified materials, this logo is clearly displayed online with the book packaging to help strengthen shopper trust in the brand.