Corrugated cardboard FSDU CO2 compensated

2021-03-16 –

Can promoting brand growth through instore display ever be truly sustainable? Having mapped the environmental impact of its cultivation, production, packaging and distribution, POS was the next obvious area for Alpro. The focus is on monomaterial solutions made from recycled, FSC®-certified corrugated board.

The foldable corrugated cardboard display is handy and small, fits into any field service case and can be set up in the store in no time at all. The attractive appearance and the high stability ensure that the display is replenished several times in the trade.

The new field service display for Alpro not only takes recyclability into account, but also the CO2 footprint of the POS placements. This is offset via ClimatePartner. Each display in this program features the ClimatePartner logo, and a statement that it has been fully climate compensated. And the QR link enables shoppers to see exactly how that`s been done.