#Gifting - Giving is a trend

2020-08-27 –

Why, when and to whom do we give gifts – and what role does packaging play?

Gifing a gift has a very special meaning this year - it is a sign of appreciation for people you see less often than usual.

"Making others happy, saying thank you, or just do indulge myself" are the most important gift-giving occasions - according to the results of our shopper survey answered by more than 2,000 shoppers from Germany, France, Great Britain and the Netherlands.

Gifts are a key category for retailer and are ’in season’ all year round, according to our research. The act of giving and the concept of gift packaging are inseparably linked; the packaging is the first stage of expressing your appreciation, which in turn creates anticipation and builds suspense.

But what transforms a product into a gift? What works as an ’everyday gift’? And what drives the shopper’s eventual choice?

To get answers, we commissioned market research experts to ask shoppers in four different countries. Our aim was to identify shopper behaviour patterns and also determine the relevance of packaging in choosing gifts. Respondents were asked what sets good gift packaging apart in their eyes, and what gift packaging they remember positively

Gifts are in season all year round
Classic buying occasions like birthdays, anniversaries or weddings are set in all 4 countries, followed by Christmas, Mother's Day and Father's Day. Every third person interviewed has given himself a gift in the last 12 months, with women rewarding themselves more often than men. However, only a few manufacturers use this occasion in their communication. "Gifts for in-between" are a new category.

Packaging: gift-ready and sustainable
The study provides important findings for packaging designers, too. If a product is given as a gift, the packaging plays an important role - regardless of the occasion. The best in class gift packaging is easy to recycle, consists preferably of paper and cardboard and convinces with a high-quality look. Sustainability is the key factor.
More than 75% of those surveyed are willing to pay more for an attractively packaged product. For four out of five respondents, packaging is highly relevant when buying gifts.

French people are much more generous than Dutch people, men spend on average 15% more on gifts than women and there is always an occasion for gifts.