Pharmacy displays: balancing effectiveness and efficiency

2016-07-14 –

International survey offers exclusive insights into profile of pharmacy POS requirements

A pharmacist survey, conducted by STI Group in seven European countries in spring 2014, confirms the high regard that pharmacists have for secondary placements, counter displays and shop window decorations. In contrast to food retail stores, for example, most pharmacy purchases are planned and shoppers focus on the checkout area. This is why counter displays in particular attract a lot of attention.

Almost 90% of those questioned confirmed that displays boost sales, and more than ¾ believe that they make their pharmacy look more appealing. Almost 2/3 noted that displays influence the amount of time shoppers spend in their store. Pharmacists were also impressed by ‘silent salesmen’ when choosing product ranges: around 50% would stock a new over-the-counter item if it were accompanied by an attractive display.

Appealing design gives competitive edge in limited space

Not all manufacturer displays can be placed in store: the main reasons cited in the survey were lack of space, oversupply, or unsuitable design for pharmacy. Three-quarters of those questioned said they give attractive secondary placements and decorations top priority when deciding whether to place POS.

It is not just about creativity; a quality appearance is also a must for most pharmacists and material choice is  important. 37% of pharmacists interviewed prefer plastic permanent displays, while over half would implement.