Sustainable flute profile

2015-07-03 –

The new flute with a height of about 2 mm fills the big gap between the B and E-flute and can be used instead of a coarser profile in many cases. The D-flute offers better printability, reduces storage volume and conserves resources.

Several kinds of packaging made from B-flute at present can benefit from the new, smaller profile in the future. What immediately catches the eye is the brightness of the printed image on the D-flute material. With 25 percent more flutes per linear meter, the washboard effect is visibly and tangibly reduced. This gives the surface of the packaging a higher quality look and makes it more attractive.

Smaller flute saves storage volume

Significantly thinner paper can now be processed in order to achieve stability values similar to those obtained with previously used materials. This will help to conserve resources and protect the environment. Because of the reduced material input, a larger number of corrugated board blanks can be stacked on the pallet, significantly reducing the number of truckloads for large production runs. A reduction of up to 30 % in storage volume and of up to 10% in material input can be achieved, the reduction of shipping volume can result in considerable savings in CO2 emissions.

Optimal Performance values

Yet another advantage of the D-flute in cases where the packaging is automatically erected and filled by the user is the lower resilience of the material, which improves the machinability and thus the service life of the packaging machine. There is also a noticeable reduction in broken edges.