Support for Ukraine

2022-06-30 –

We at STI Group are committed to helping people from Ukraine in many ways, whether that’s trying to make life easier for them as they settle in a new country or offering direct support through relief deliveries to Ukraine.

Working with the charity HOME for Kids, the company has donated 5,000 EUR to the Vogelsberg district administration along with 250 boxes of goods for refugee children. Filled with age-appropriate contents such as drinking bottles, colouring pens, craft materials and toys, the boxes were distributed to regional emergency shelters, giving children something to help brighten up their challenging situation. We have also provided 50 laptops for school age pupils and young people who are being accommodated in the Vogelsberg region: online access makes it much easier for these young Ukrainians to start school, learn the language and keep in touch.

Further donations have been made in the form of packaging materials, with numerous outer boxes given to support aid campaigns running at our Lauterbach, Greven and Neutraubling locations.

The willingness of teams across STI Group to help has been evident not only in Germany, but also at the company's Hungarian and British sites. Local campaigns run by colleagues have succeeded in collecting, packing and delivering hygiene articles, clothing, food, baby items, medicines and other urgently needed products. These have been distributed either directly to those in need or via local aid organisations.