Handled with care

2020-06-17 –

Libbey plastic-free glass packaging saves cost and the planet

Netherlands brand Libbey is famed for its high quality glasses. Ensuring that they arrive at customers’ doorsteps safely is down to STI Group's clever packaging, which protects the glasses with a sustainable and universal solution. Out with individualised packaging for every product; in with a core range of flexible packaging made purely from corrugated cardboard - with no plastic or bubble wrap required.

Adaptable packaging
STI Group development experts devised a packaging solution based on just 3 types of outer packaging and 4 types of intelligent insert, which can be combined to protect 55 different glasses. Intelligent inserts make shipping much more flexible and offer more convenient protection for the fragile contents. Glasses are firmly held by their packaging thanks to clever folding and punched holes, enabling them to survive the most challenging parcel services around the world.

No bubble wrap needed
This monomaterial solution is made purely of corrugated cardboard. By having less individual solutions, the packaging is quicker and less costly to produce. Best of all, the intelligent inserts protect glasses so well that bubble wrap is obsolete, saving 0.74 m² of plastic film per shipping carton. For just 5,000 units, that equates to saving half a football field of bubble wrap.

Easy handling for all
Should the glass you ordered not be to your liking, it’s simple to return the goods. The packaging and inserts are designed to be re-used to return glasses easily and safely.