E-commerce packaging with added value

2018-10-10 –

Shoppers today can truly buy at their convenience; at home on the sofa with a mobile device, at a bus stop en route via digital outdoor media, or in person at the supermarket. The Shopper Experience at GS1 in Cologne is an interactive exhibit showing how the leisure and consumer aspects of shoppers’ lives can be fully integrated. Over 50 practical examples allow visitors to experience how technology and the shopping experience can be linked in store, and how Omnichannel Retailing actually works in practice – using technology such as beacons, invisible codes and augmented reality.

As a GS1 solution provider, STI Group is represented in several of the Shopper Experience showcases; the most recent contribution being two experiantial packaging solutions for e-commerce.

These packaging solutions offer added value for both retailer and consumer. The first example is a shower gel delivered in an appealing outer that is printed inside, so the unboxing process is surprising and enjoyable. Using stretch film means the shower gel can be secured quickly, easily and without lots of filling material.

The second solution is premium wine packaging, which also has a dual focus on product protection and enhancing the consumer experience. As the packaging is opened, consumers are invited to share their unboxing experience and delight with friends via social networks.

Christian Eisenberg, GS1 Product Manager and coordinator of the Shopper Experience, is enthusiastic about the solutions: ‘This shows our visitors how a positive shopping experience can be seamlessly implemented right through to home delivery. These packaging solutions perfectly complement our Shopper Journey.’

STI Group has been a GS1 Solution Partner for many years, providing multiple solutions since the opening of the new GS1 training centre.