Sustainable popup display from STI Group wins over 2021 Obal Roku jury

2021-10-15 –

STI Group wins the POP & POS DISPLAYS category at the 2021 OBAL ROKU with its compact, quick set-up POPUP display.

For 28 years OBAL ROKU, run by the SYBA Packaging Institute, has been recognising innovative design, consumer experience and the use of new technologies in POS and packaging. Martin Miglec, Key Account Manager for STI Česko, was delighted to accept this year’s award at a gala evening marking the end of the Obalko packaging congress in Čestlice.

Designed for Perfetti van Melle, the flatpacked display impressed the jury of 18 experts with an efficient and sustainable design. Its reduced shipping volume – the outer is just 10cm high and 100cm long – minimises distribution costs and CO2 emissions. It also makes life simpler for field sales teams by fitting easily into any car boot.

Elastic band-aided assembly means the quarter pallet sets up in store in under 3 seconds from flat, ready to promote any product from the Mentos range – yet looks just as appealing as its pre-assembled relatives. The corrugated cardboard FSDU is also made from renewable materials: 100% FSC® certified paper and biodegradable rubber bands.

In the spirit of Design to Recycle, STI Group advises its customers on alternative fibres and coatings, sustainable materials and plastic-free solutions.