HUNGAROPACK Industrial Creativity Award

2023-12-12 –

STI Group has received high honours from the 40th HUNGAROPACK jury: the Industrial Creativity Award for new product Helpee and its packaging.

Helpee is a cardboard funnel that saves women having to sit on public toilet seats to pee. With a waterproof interior yet absorbent exterior, Helpee is fully water-soluble so can be hygienically flushed down the toilet afterwards.

All materials, glues, inks and varnishes used ensure Helpee meets the hygiene requirements for personal care products and minimises environmental impact.

The team at STI Petöfi in Hungary created this brilliant solution from scratch, from product and packaging design, through testing, to final production.

Each Helpee folds down into a compact envelope and the discreet, handbag-sized 5-pack is offered to retailers in shelf-ready packaging.