2021-05-20 –

Three gold, two silver and four bronze - we are over the moon about winning an incredible 9 trophies at this year’s POPAI Awards! We're particularly proud to have been voted the audience favourite, as well as taking home two sustainability awards.

The winners were announced in an exciting online award ceremony, and gold went to:

  • Ferrero Tic Tac X-Fresh in Food, Everyday Items & Confectionery
  • Teinacher Market Stall in Beverages & Tobacco - Permanent
  • Piasten Treets Snack Stadium in Food, Everyday Items & Confectionery - Packaging.

Two displays received double recognition:
The showstopper tree-topper display for Hipp gained a bronze in the Health category, and also won the Audience’s Choice Award. Meanwhile the expert jury also presented the eye-catching Roncalli balloon display with two awards: a silver Special Environmental Award and bronze in Food, Everyday Items and Confectionery.

A further Special Environmental Award went to our own solution, the ‘Bruce’ eco-shelf display, which received a bronze for minimising impact by being flatpacked, plastic-free and fully recyclable. In the Shopper Journey Excellence category, the elegant Bayley's of Bond Street launch display also took a bronze.

As pioneers in packaging and POS, a close working relationship with our customers and a bold approach is all-important if we are to create high-impact displays that succeed in store.Gaining recognition from both the POPAI Awards judges and an experienced industry audience makes this a truly joint celebration!

Bayley's of Bond Street

British luxury at its best: this appealing POS solution sits at the heart of a 360-degree communication concept for Bayley's of Bond Street, providing an elegant stage for the German launch of this traditional brand in EDEKA and Budnikowsky stores. The eye-catching temporary display draws shoppers in and focuses their attention on the six most important products in the range. Its compartmentalised design allows quick orientation, the tester encourages interaction and trial, while the open presentation drives sales.

EcoShelf Display ‘Bruce'

Plastic is so yesterday! Made of 100% corrugated cardboard, Bruce is fully recyclable. Where plastic clips would traditionally hold shelves in place, a clever corrugated cardboard alternative is used instead. Amazingly, this strong unit also fold flats to fit easily into any car boot and it assembles quickly in store without any tools. Depending on your needs, it works equally well as a floorstand or on a pallet.

Hipp Launch Display

Naturalness, sustainability and responsibility: these three concepts are communicated clearly and attractively through the 3D tree centrepiece that dominates this HIPP NATURAL baby wipe launch display. Promoting gentle, plastic-free care of sensitive baby skin, the corrugated cardboard design creates real disruption in store, drawing attention to the new product while reinforcing its positive brand image. Fully assembled on arrival, retail staff simply remove the outer box and it’s ready to use.

Roncalli Balloon Display

Indulgence with a clear conscience: Roncalli Circus chocolates are produced with 100% Fairtrade cocoa and are presented in sustainable packaging, so the display reflects the same brand values. Made from 100% recycled corrugated cardboard, this creates a credible and authentic platform for the retail product launch. The iconic balloon header is instantly recognizable and attracts shoppers from afar, and its ability to work as a floorstand or a pallet display helps to drive retail sales in any channel.

Teinacher Market Stall

You might be in a supermarket, but this display is all about nostalgia for the Black Forest and its traditions. In line with Teinacher's brand philosophy, the Leichholz display promotes its full range of vegan and natural beverages in a sustainable and durable way - with great attention to detail. A fabric canopy adds a realistic touch to create an authentic market atmosphere, while the slate board allows new varieties, prices and special offers to be called out as desired over time. With its flexible layout, this display accommodates the bottle sizes and varieties that suit each retailer, while the ease of refilling maximises sales over the long term.

Tic Tac X-Fresh

It’s got the X-factor: the launch of Ferrero’s new product Tic Tac X-fresh needed real impact and visibility at the POS. The brand name was the inspiration for the display design and its unusual shape is a true disruptor, ensuring that this small product cannot be overlooked in store. Unusually for confectionery, the centre of the display boasts a tester station, which invites shoppers to try the new product and encourages impulse purchase. Despite its unusual shape, the pre-packed display arrives on a quarter pallet which offers stores maximum returns with minimum effort.

Piasten Treets Snack Stadium

Bring the big game atmosphere to your house: whether you're watching this year's Super Bowl from the USA or supporting a football team all year round, this special packaging for Piasten Treets offers consumers a perfect way to add a little fun when celebrating sporting events at home. The attractive cardboard mini-stadium sets up easily, no tools required, and has a flexible interior that holds 7-9 products from the Treets range….encouraging shoppers to top up before every game!