Elegant Packaging to match Exclusive Product

2016-08-23 –

BIOMARIS folding box developed by the STI Group is a finalist at the Pro Carton ECMA Awards

Sustainability, communication and a positive shopping experience: creative packaging solutions deliver on all three counts. As a crucial touchpoint in retail, packaging is becoming more important as a marketing instrument.  Every year, the Pro Carton ECMA Awards recognise outstanding carton packaging. The ampoule packaging for BIOMARIS designed and produced by the STI Group is one of the finalists this year.  

BIOMARIS Rich Care Concept is synonymous with fresh and firm skin through a deep moisturising effect. Following a relaunch, the BIOMARIS Rich Care Concept skincare range needed a clean, elegant, cosmetic look for its folding boxes that would stand out. Instead of being traditionally boxed, the trio of Super Rich ampoules are showcased in much more inviting, softer looking packaging that resembles a cosmetics bag.

Excellent protection with easy assembly and use

A glued inlay inside the bag holds the three ampoules securely in place while still allowing the pack to be assembled and filled easily. To the rear, a tuck-in flap makes it easy to remove a single ampoule then reseal the pack.

'Health and Beauty from the sea'

The contoured curve was inspired by ocean waves and conveys the origin of the ingredients used in BIOMARIS products. Blending pure white material with subtle shades of silver and grey creates a sense of exclusivity. Consumer information is cleverly placed on the sides and back of the packaging, so that the minimalist design is not spoiled by mandatory information.

Globally coveted award

The Pro Carton ECMA Award is one of the most prestigious awards of the international packaging industry. This year the awards had more participants than ever before. The entries were evaluated from a market, retailer, and consumer perspective.