Brand of the Century

2015-11-25 –

Synonymous with Packaging and Displays, the STI Group represents one of around 250 stars of the German brand universe. With this, it joins the ranks of Adidas, Hipp, Nivea and Ritter Sport, to name just a few.

Titled »Stars 2016«, it brings together the top tier of German brands in one book and represents the capabilities and achievements of the German industry. The latest edition of the compendium of brands, which is published every three years by Dr. Florian Langenscheidt, showcases the most highly-rated German brands from various product segments.  

The work highlights the role of powerful brands as benchmarks and focuses on the interesting stories behind the brands. The Top 100 brands – including STI Group - have also been included in an English edition.   The book is an encyclopedia of the biggest German brands and presents the icons of the German industry. "It shows who has set the standards in their field. This makes it a walk down the memory lane of everyday narratives, as most of us have grown up with these brands, whose background, history, significance and aura are described here.", says editor Florian Langenscheidt in the foreword to the book.  

However, as a Specialist in Packaging and Displays, the STI Group is not just a part of the book but also provided the backdrop for the celebration of the book launch with its products. A gigantic book made of corrugated board adorned the stage of the Löwe-Saal, the event venue in Berlin; the brands showcased in the book exhibited their products on attractive corrugated board displays with a star-studded sky theme.  


Video Brands of the Century (German only)