Savour the Moment

STI Group modular display boosts Moët & Chandon sales

As a pre-dinner aperitif, a celebratory drink or cool refreshment on a warm summer day, Moët & Chandon Champagne is perfect for any spezial occasion, so why restrict it to Christmas and New Year? With ‘THE NOW’, this long-established brand has developed a marketing campaign that taps into new moments for enjoying Champagne. STI Group developed a flexible range of displays perfect for showcasing the campaign in retail.

Many people buy Champagne to celebrate specific occasions. Apart from seasonal purchases, such as Christmas and New Year, the most common occasions are weddings and passing an exam. Champagne is the ideal drink for all those who want to live life to the fullest: it’s about celebrating the moment and enjoying it in the company of friends, this is the idea behind the campaign. Marketing managers identified key dates accompanied by extensive communication activities. Attractive displays create the final touchpoint in retail stores.

Diverse requirements

‘We had to achieve multiple objectives with this display solution,’ says Markus Weißgerber, Head of POS Innovation at STI Group. ‘The POS needed to clearly differentiate Moët & Chandon products from the typical presentation style of other Champagne brands and create an exclusive, distinctive look. The final design also had to be able to accommodate a range of stockholding requirements and be customisable for different occasions.’

Adaptable to each product range

Fresh and new, this modular display solution is now used for all Moët & Chandon products. With the flexible use of components, it can hold from 48 to 60 bottles of Champagne whether merchandised plain, sleeved or in gift packs.

Aesthetic appeal

Base, header and side panels offer a large communication area ready to adapt to each specific product and campaign. 3D embellishments can be added, working seamlessly with the graphic design to generate additional impact and draw attention to each theme. An open structural design, with product access from three of the four sides, helps maximise the chances of impulse purchase.

Proven impact

‘Our ‘THE NOW’ campaign, through which we have tapped into new moments to enjoy Champagne, has been a huge success. The displays form the core of our campaign – showcasing the moment and driving purchase,’ explain Moët & Chandon's Marketing resposibles. This fantastic result means that the design will be adapted to promote other Moët Hennessy brands in future.