Refreshing WM promotion

The Soccer World Cup has kicked off in retail. Many product categories use the event for seasonal secondary placements. Volvic combines football with its natural mineral water. Their marketing campaign "FIND YOUR VOLCANO", launched in 2017, calls on customers across all channels to discover their inner strengths. In keeping with the current party spirit, Volvic uses winning and variety to communicate with all football fans. The football bin realized by the STI Group scores at the POS with its occasional design. Decorative columns, pallet banners, advertising banners and a playing field in Volvic design complement the special promotion.

Volvic Fan Pack: for fruity party people

The corrugated fan pack for six Volvic Juicy bottles, also produced by the STI Group, becomes a stylish companion for the World Cup party. Fans can now toast "black-red-gold" with their friends and decorate themselves with the included flower chain.