Protection against Brand Piracy

The cosmetic products from Janssen Cosmetics are a prime target for counterfeiters. They are of exceptionally high quality, have an exclusive image and are internationally reputed for their  'Made in Germany' quality. The Aachen-based cosmetics manufacturer has now placed serial QR codes on its folding boxes, making it possible to track back every single item individually and to enable the authenticity of its products to be verified with certainty.

All that manufacturers and their distribution partners need for verification is a QR-code reader app on their smartphones or tablets. When the code is scanned by the QR code reader, it is checked against a database via the internet and brings up the production lot for that item.

QR codes thus allow unique identification of each item. This kind of traceability not only provides the highest level of supply chain security to Janssen Cosmetics in its fight against product piracy, it also protects retailers and consumers from unpleasant surprises. Each QR code is unique and added to the folding box directly on the production line of the folding boxes itself. The code is not activated until the box is filled with the product to maintain the continuity of the recorded code series despite possible wastage in the production process.

Protect the Brand Image

The high-end cosmetics range from Janssen Cosmetics is distributed globally through beauty salons and spas. In addition to these, the company also sells its products directly to the end consumer through its online shop. The additional benefit of QR codes is that they can be scanned by consumers with their smartphones to find out more about the brand, its range of skincare products and ingredients.