Nature-inspired displays

2018-10-08 –

According to Euromonitor study Megatrend Analysis: Putting the Consumer at the Heart of Business, two of the eight most influential megatrends in the coming years are Premiumisation, and Healthy and Ethical Living. The success of retail units such as Compo’s Urban Gardening display shows that anticipating these trends really pays off. This natural wooden display from STI Group has now won recognition from an expert jury, being awarded the 2018German Packaging Prize for Product Presentation.

Organic products are the fastest growing segment within garden chemicals and the Compo Urban Gardening display reflects this trend, really engaging modern gardeners. Made from real wood, the award-winning unit is inspired by garden shed shelving and looks as if it has grown organically from a Europallet. Tapping into the increasing awareness of sustainability increases its appeal for a younger target audience.

Used in DIY stores, garden centres and cooperatives across Germany, Austria, Italy and France since the beginning of 2017, demand remained so high that the unit was produced again for a second year. Solid spruce wood panels with a natural sanded finish are glued in an environmentally friendly way to create a highly stable and durable display that captures the essence of the brand.

Danone Eaux France’semphasis on naturalness

In France, too, the healthy and ethical living megatrend is already evident. Since April 2018, Badoit has been promoting in French supermarkets a new ‘Bulles de fruits’ range, designed to meet consumers' growing need for healthy nutrition and natural ingredients. These fizzy, fruity drinks are based on natural mineral water, with 40% less sugar than typical sugar-containing, fruit-flavoured carbonated beverages.

For the Badoit Bulles de fruits retail launch, Danone Eaux France needed a heavy load-bearing, stable and durable floor-stand that could also be adapted easily for other brands. This 5-shelf display in white wood carries up to 150 bottles safely and benefits from access on both sides. Being made from a natural material complements the brand, whose target audience is health-conscious consumers with an eye for quality.