Intelligent and relevant

Blukii, a startup within Schneider Schreibgeräte GmbH, offers a large portfolio of beacons made in Germany. Battery- or electric-powered, blukii beacons come in all shapes and sizes and can be used in a variety of ways to send useful information.

Whether you are searching the supermarket, sightseeing in a museum or enjoying a day out at the zoo - beacons can bring order to the information chaos that surrounds us. Retailers, event organisers and brand owners can all use this technology to provide customers with relevant information and offers, delivered in a more personalized and appropriate way. Beacons are simply linked to the blukii Info App or the customer's app, enabling them to communicate with shoppers or visitors via their smartphones.

Adaptable product protection

blukii wanted a single packaging solution for shipping both its Starter Kits, which would offer suitable protection to ensure the contents reach customers in perfect condition. The intelligent corrugated solution produced by STI Group offers optimal product protection with the required adaptability, and is suitable for both the Starter Kit Indoor and the Starter Kit Outdoor without needing additional material.

The box contains 3 beacons, a NFC-card, stickers and the necessary software. In addition to providing a satisfying unpacking experience, the packaging also serves as a great marketing tool by promoting blukii's social media channels.