Having it all: High impact vs. zero impact display

2020-04-14 –

Can promoting brand growth through instore display ever be truly sutainable? Yes it can, and here is how… Alpro`s mission is to bring health through food to as many people as possible. With the planet`s health closely linked to the health of those living on it, it`s no surprise that the company seeks to grow its business in a sustainable way.

Having mapped the environmental impact of its cultivation, production, packaging and distribution, Alpro has already successfully reduced its carbon and water footprints and continues to do so. Packaging, accounting for 15% of Alpro`s carbon footprint, has already been under the microscope and the subject of a 40% reduction target. POS was the next obvious area.

`Promotional displays are essential to achieving our brand growth objectives, because they get our products right in front of shoppers’, explains Constance Mader, Alpro Category Manager. `But to fit with our strategy, displays must be sustainable.`

Alpro is already taking full advantage of STI Group`s FSC® certification to source wood pulp only from sustainably managed forests. Recyclable cardboard containing the highest possible percentage of recycled material, is also used.

`Using recyclable cardboard displays helps us to reduce our waste. However, we couldn`t ignore that producing, transporting and recycling displays uses energy that results in carbon dioxide emissions. Our question was, how can wie ensure that our brand growth doesn`t compromise our planet`s health?` says Constance Mader.

The answer? Link up with ClimatePartner, a carbon off-setting specialist working with STI Group, to make Alpro`s go-to quarter pallet fully climate-neutral.

Knowing how important sustainability is to consumers, Alpro is not doing this quietly. `We like to be transparent about our impact and the steps we take,` says Constance Mader. Èach display in this program features the ClimatePartner logo, and a statement that it has been fully climate compensated. And the QR link enables shoppers to see exactly how that`s been done.`

Just like the plant-based drinks trend it was endorsing back in the 80s, Alpro once again looks to be ahead of the curve – this time with its climate-neutral approach to display.