Giant fork makes point at World Cleanup Day

2018-11-14 –

500 litres of rubbish were collected in front of the European Parliament in Strasbourg in less than 30 minutes by participants of World Cleanup Day, to publicise the impact of carelessly discarded garbage on our countryside, rivers and oceans. A giant fork, sponsored by STI Group, visually spearheaded the cleanup campaign.

More than 30 members and employees of the European Parliament took part in the event, which took place on 23 October. Its aim was to positively influence upcoming legislation for the reduction of single use plastics in the EU, and to show support for the 17 million people who took part in World Cleanup Day on 15 September.

STI Group provided a striking focal point for the campaign in the form of a giant picnic fork, 4 metres tall, made entirely from corrugated cardboard. Set against all the plastic bottles and packaging waste collected on the day, the fork symbolised the impact of consumer behaviour and environmental pollution. Smaller versions of the fork were provided to campaign participants to help attract further attention to the event.