Webcast Context Marketing

2022-06-28 –

Why the occasion is so important for product success - and what role packaging plays

Whether it's a beer after work, a grill cola, a summer chocolate or a home office box - market research expert Dr. Uwe Lebok from K&A BrandResearch recommends integrating products into the everyday context. With the right packaging design, according to his experience, new consumers can be won online and offline: "Those who have a better understanding of everyday contexts and define possible brand contexts for themselves can win over new consumers through packaging communication.

It is not only big occasions but especially smaller ones that are suitable for context marketing and bring a smile to the shoppers' faces with the necessary portion of humour.

As a board member of K&A BrandResearch, his insights are based on behavioural-psychological market research, in which topics such as package design and touchpoints at the POS play a central role.

We look forward to relevant insights and practical tips in our next webcast on

Wednesday, 21.09.2022 from 11-12 at BST. (CET 12-13)

What are we particularly interested in?

  • How contexts of use make brands distinctive
  • Which codes are relevant to guide consumers' autopilot at the POS
  • How to identify the most successful touchpoints for a brand
  • How packaging communication encourages spontaneous purchases
  • Why everyday usability is so important for the success of snacks