Veganuary: sustainable ways to drive impulse buys

2022-01-11 –

January is the month of good intentions: Drink less alcohol, stop smoking, exercise more. And, since 2014, it’s been the month when the Veganuary movement calls on consumers worldwide to give up products of animal origin.

Many retailers have joined this campaign and made vegan brands more prominent instore. This appeals not only to committed vegans but also to shoppers who enjoy trialling new products, eating more healthily or supporting companies that act more sustainably.


are these nu company organic chocolate bars. Known for its striking slogans, this start-up boasts bold messaging on FSC®-certified cardboard displays, tempting shoppers with tailored combinations of bar flavours – all conveniently placed in shelf-ready packaging.




is this flatpacked placement for Alpro plant-based drinks. The recycled corrugated cardboard display is quick and easy to set up in store, saving on emissions and logistics costs. It’s also fully climate-neutral, as its CO₂ footprint is offset by ClimatePartner.


is this permanent display for Love, Beauty & Planet. An appropriate stage for the launch of this vegan brand in French retail, these FSC®-certified lightweight wood displays weigh just 14kg each. Logistically optimised to reduce transport CO₂ emissions, they are also simple to assemble in store.

Key learnings:

  • Themes like Veganuary can create a powerful new stage for products in store
  • Many aspects of sustainability can be communicated through display
  • Design4Recycling creates opportunities for manufacturers to enter new channels