Veganuary: impulses for sustainable action at the POS

2021-02-05 –

January is the month of good intentions: Drink less alcohol, stop smoking and increasingly eat vegan food. This is where the non-profit organisation Veganuary comes in and called on consumers to give up products of animal origin in January.

Many retailers have joined the campaign and put vegan brands in the foreground at the POS. This appeals not only to convinced vegans, but also to shoppers who like to test new products, eat healthily or support sustainably acting companies.

small & oho

are the bars from nucao. The Leipzig-based start-up is known for its striking slogans. At the POS, nucao also scores with an eye-catching message on the display poster. The FSC®-certified corrugated cardboard display offers space for all varieties, which are quickly placed in the shelf carton.


foldable & climate neutral

is the secondary placement for the vegan Alpro product range. The display made of recycled corrugated cardboard is set up at the POS easily. This saves shipping volume and logistics costs. But that's not all: the CO2 footprint of the secondary placement was also compensated by Climate Partner.


light & natural

is the permanent placement for Love, Beauty & Planet. It provides the appropriate stage for the launch of the vegan brand in French retail.  At only 14 kg, the FSC®-certified lightweight wood displays are easy to set up, logistically optimised and save CO₂ in the transport process.