Triple gold at 2022 Display Superstar Awards

2022-12-05 –

This Lavazza launch display made a huge impression on trade visitors as well as the Display Verlag jury at this year's Display Summit.

Delivering incredible long-distance visibility, these tall displays with 3D headers present the new Lavazza capsules to supermarket shoppers in a striking way. The five capsule variants are highlighted with bold, colour-coordinated columns. Inside each column is a 2-sided illuminated scene that heroes the product and leaves shoppers in no doubt about the brand’s Italian heritage.  

The scenes are printed on a diagonally placed acrylic disc set against a curved cardboard background. With great attention to detail, each one features the coffee capsules, a Lavazza cup and a miniature Vespa, all finished with atmospheric lighting. 

At the festive awards gala in November, Lavazza Deutschland GmbH, BestSeller Agentur für Absatzförderung GmbH and STI Group together celebrated a triple gold win: the Prefilled Corrugated Quarter Pallet category, the jury’s special Innovation Award and the Consumer Superstar Award, voted for by trade visitors.