Sustainability award nomination for Universal Electronics eco-pouch packaging

2021-06-11 –

Cardboard beats plastic: packaging for the One For All remote control range has been transformed by specialists STI Group and Vlastuin. Replacing the old plastic blister with a new cardboard eco-pouch makes the pack less bulky, lowering its CO2 footprint while also reducing plastic waste. The Packaging Europe Sustainability Awards jury was duly impressed, nominating the solution for an award in the Driving the Circular Economy category.

The paper-based eco-pouch solution significantly reduces material-related emissions: the CO2 footprint of the Evolve remote model is now 24% lower. And in 2020 alone, STI Group and Vlastuin saved over 20 tonnes of single-use plastic waste across just three One for All remote models.


Attractive design
No compromises were made in the packaging relaunch. Appearance, consumer appeal and product protection all remained key priorities; even the plastic bags that protect the product from scratches were replaced by tissue paper wrapping. The two-part outer construction further protects these sensitive products from shocks during transport. Bold colours, high-quality images and an appealing opening mechanism make the new packaging range particularly attractive to conscious electronics consumers. This delivers against another prime objective for UEI: communicating its commitment to environmental and climate protection.

Sustainable production
As the remote controls are produced in Asia, local expertise in sustainable packaging is needed - and provided by STI Group's branches in Hong Kong and Shenzhen. An international team of packaging specialists develops and optimises sustainable solutions before managing their production through close on-site coordination with local manufacturers.