Smart packaging

2024-05-17 –

Product information can be digitally stored, updated and easily accessed with a dynamic multifunctional code on packaging.

The STI Group's packaging experts showcase solutions such as how the Digital Product Passport (DPP) adopted as part of the European Green Deal can be smartly integrated into packaging. If a dynamic code is used on the packaging then the underlying data is not only easy to update, it is also customisable to the user’s location, language, time and any other relevant parameters.

When consumers scan the code with their smartphone, they can access details such as manufacturer and origin; product ingredients, materials and properties; recyclability and environmental impact.

Dynamic codes may be multifunctional, for example they can combine a DPP with GS1 Digital Link. Almost any information that is currently printed directly onto packaging could be stored and personalised using a dynamic multipurpose code from

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