Silphie POS display for Gillette

2021-12-07 –

STI Group’s pioneering collaboration with PreZero brand OutNature and P&G has enabled the development and manufacture of the first promotional display from paper made using renewable silphie plant fibre.

STI Group has been researching the real-world technical properties of the new material since late 2020. Silphie paper consists of 35% silphie fibre, a highly resource-efficient, fully recyclable plant fibre that is suitable for both food and non-food use.

Silphie paper

As silphie can be cultivated locally, its use reduces the CO2 emissions associated with long distance transport. Silphie fibre also takes less water and energy to process and its extraction does not require any chemicals.

For farmers, the silphie plant offers added sustainability benefits by being insect-friendly, storing CO2 in the soil and helping to protect farmland from wind and water erosion. Until now, this robust perennial plant has mainly been used to manufacture biogas. When OutNature succeeded in separating the plant fibres using a biothermal process, it transformed silphie into a brand new raw material – one that can be locally produced in Germany, revolutionising the paper and packaging industry.

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