Plastic Free World Conference

2021-09-27 –

The Plastic Free World Conference is the world's leading event showcasing the latest industry solutions and technologies to help target a world completely free from plastic waste. The face-to-face physical meeting in Cologne will take place on the 10th and 11th of November – check the agenda for further details:

Changing The Way We Think About Plastics

More than 2,000 conference delegates from an even wider range of industries will participate in the MUST-attend event for any company looking to target zero waste plastic throughout their entire supply chain. The aim is to discuss new strategies to redesign products to use less plastic, replace plastics with more sustainable alternatives and to increase recycling to create a circular economy in the packaging, fashion, food, and transportation industries.

STI Group is happy to contribute with its solutions and give a speech at the Retail & Consumer Goods Packaging stream.

STI Group Marketing Director Claudia Rivinius will be on stage on November 10th, 1.30 pm talking about “How does packaging sustainability influence consumers’ perception and how can this be positively shaped by involving packaging designers at an early stage?”

Contributions from experts will include

  • Design for recycling to future-proof your business, the economy and the planet
  • Design for re-use to optimize resources and reduce waste
  • Reducing and removing packaging
  • Enhancing the environmental footprint of your packaging with eco-design and life-cycle thinking
  • Phasing out fossil fuel-based plastic packaging and substituting them with bio-based alternatives
  • Alternative materials (paper, metal, glass, etc)
  • Increasing recyclable content and fostering new recycling techniques
  • Rethinking packaging concepts