Introducing Packaging MGZN

2023-03-20 –

Our brand new Packaging MGZN is now out, covering all things packaging-related and offering exclusive insights into market-defining topics.

Packaging MGZN highlights:

Markets and raw materials: dynamic development - sustainable strategy.
Are recycled materials always a more sustainable option? Not necessarily, explains CFO Niklas Herting in this candid interview. Discover the factors playing a decisive role in sustainability and understand recent market developments and their influence on STI Group sourcing strategy.

Circular Innovation: new approaches
The circular economy is not a new phenomenon; it needs constant revisiting to ensure value creation processes are as sustainable as possible. Our recent innovations include a brand new tool, the Sustainability Scorecard, which assesses existing packaging solutions and helps drive the right innovations forward. Find out more in the magazine.

Printing and finishing: sustainable options
Which sustainable packaging options are worthwhile? Covering off the pros and cons of different sustainable solutions and when to use them is COO Andreas Reinshagen.

Digitalisation: the benefits of automation
Faster, more secure, more structured: our Customer Integration team can help customers automate some of their standard processes. In this interview, CIO Dr. Peter Nattermann shares some of the benefits that such automation can create for companies and brands.

Change as inspiration: Neogarde and Gen Z
Trying to greenwash Gen Z? Marc Völler from trend research company Neogarde calls this brand suicide. Read his perspective on how to better address the new self-confident Generation Z and ensure your brand and packaging is relatable and authentic.